Monday, August 6, 2012

I have no idea why the series is called "Quake"

Switching gears, here we’ve got a game that doesn’t have any puzzles at all (unless you count “how do I kill this guy before he kills me?” as a puzzle) but to be fair it is a kind of point and click. I’m talking about Quake Live, a first person shooter. Released in the summer of 2010, Quake Live is a free (obviously) version of Quake 3 and the Team Arena expansion pack that runs out of your internet browser.
Now with 100% more live Quakes
While Quake Live uses a slightly updated version of Quake 3 with some fancy new graphical stuff added like bloom (gotta have that bloom), its still mostly the Quake 3 released back in later 1999, so most computers should be able to run it, especially since you can turn down the graphics to the bare minimum if you wish. Not only does Quake Live have the original, basic game modes from Quake 3, such as Duel, Free For All, and Team Deathmatch, it also has some new stuff like Red Rover or Freeze Tag. The same speedy gameplay is there as well, with rocket and strafe jumping and all of the other movement based tricks in the engine meant to deepen the gameplay and to give you an edge over the other guy.
Standard FPS convetions apply, but thankfully Quake Live seems more interesting than THIS
Quake Live is all about competitive multiplayer, having a ranking system that allows you to play against people with the same skill level, game modes specifically for “pro” level players, and even multiple tournaments where people compete for those big stupid looking novelty checks. If you’re into that sort of thing you could get sucked into Quake Live for a long time, given how many game modes there are and the fact that there are over fifty different arenas to play in. 

Sure it sounds good so far but here's where we get to the ugly part of the post
Quake Live is Free to Play, it brings in cash through two sources. The first is in game advertising that plays before matches but also exists in the form of in game billboards. The second is a premium membership system with two tiers, “premium” and a more expensive “pro” level. These paid memberships allow access to yet another fifty more exclusive arenas to play in, more game modes (including the aforementioned Freeze Tag), the ability to bypass the ads that play before matches, the ability to make your own matches, and the ability to invite 5 standard players to play on premium content.
Not as bad as this, thankfully
Still, if you are willing to look past that, and are a fan of fast paced arena shooters, Quake Live might be what you’re looking for.
Seems legit
You can get Quake Live from here

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