Thursday, May 8, 2014

Copious amounts of blue and orange with some red mixed in

HEY! You know what I havent done in a while?
Well, yes. Also screw you. What I meant is that I haven't  had an update with a game from Digipen in a long time. So when I saw that today's game was made there, it's like killing two birds with one stone!
Don't kill birds with stones
The game for today is IGNEOUS, and its all about volcano, fire, and going fast. It'd also consider it a INDIE PLATFORMER, but since it isn't RETRO it doesn't get the trifecta. Here's a video.

It looks pretty good, I'd almost call it...ingenious.
Anyway. As you can see the game, while pretty straight forward, was great enough to win awards, and the team of students that made the game called themselves "Going down in flames", and with a name like that you know these guys clearly knew what they were doing.
"This is your captain speaking: everything is fiiiiiiiine"
Do you like Tiki idols? Volcanoes? GOING FAST? Then Igneous is for you, because it has all of those things.
You can get Igneous here

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