Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watch out for Minotaurs

QUICK: You've been trapped inside a maze by angry spirits/mad scientists/alien scientists/drunken frat boys and you need to find your way out! What do you know about getting out of mazes? Not much? Good thing I got something today to help you out with that.
Few things are worse than finding a skeleton in a maze
The game today is called ZETAMAZE, and its in the weird space where I'm not sure it counts as a game or not, but I'm bored so it's going on up anyway and you can stop me. ZetaMaze is the latest project from some computer guy named Brannon Doresy. There are three parts to this maze game: Make, Draw, and Play.
Hard mode maze
The "Make" part of the game is when you literally make a maze for someone to run through. You can be a scumbag and make a maze that's barely euclidean and is an absolute nightmare to navigate, or you could be boring and make a straight line, or anything in between! The "Draw" part of the game is you making drawings to put on the walls of the maze. Land scapes, brick walls, sage words of advice, penises, you can put anything up there! The "Play" part of the game is where you obviously run the mazes other people have made, combining the strange art and the weird maze designs to make a strange trippy labyrinth to wander through.HOWEVER

Part of the game is that when you wander through the maze you pick up files that others have uploaded into the game. Obviously you should be able to see why this idea, while coming from the right place, is completely retarded. I mean, who trusts the internet at all? You shouldn't even trust me. Thankfully there is an option, when the maze is loading, to opt out from this feature entirely, dodging that horrible porn shaped bullet.
Even weird muppets would be better than horrible porn
If any of this nonsense appeals to you, you can try out ZETAMAZE right from the browser, here

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