Monday, August 26, 2013


You know whats awesome? Space. Know whats even better? Flying around in space in your own spaceship. Even better than THAT? Flying around in space in your own space ship meeting alien species and going on SPACE ADVENTURES. Unfortunately its unlikely that you or I will be able to go into space today, so I got a game for you today that is all about doing just that. Take a look at Star Control 2, brought to you by the Ur-Quan Masters Project!
Hey I dont think that alien is friendly, just FYI
Just what IS Star Control 2? Well let me tell you! Its an adventure game that originally came out in the November of 1992. It takes place in space as the title implies, with the plot taking you all across the galaxy, being diplomatic with alien races, getting into fights when diplomacy fails, maintaining and upgrading your ship, pouring over star charts to see where to go next, all in an effort to save the galaxy from things I'm not going to reveal because spoilers.
What is the Ur-Quan Masters Project? Well let me tell you! The original developers over at Toys for Bob made an effort to port the original 3DO game to work on modern systems, the Ur-Quan Masters Project team took over when the open source of the unfinished port was released to the public. Its been a long project, going back to at least 2003, but the game is in a playable state so its all worth it.
Star Control is one of those games that people look back on when they're waxing nostalgic. From the game play to the art to the number and range of alien species, the guys over at Toys for Bob hit the magic formula. So if you like SPACE, SPACESHIPS, SPACE ADVENTURES, ALIENS, or adventure games in general, then Star Control 2 might be for you
You can snag Star Control 2 here

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