Monday, July 30, 2012

Pick up everything and use everything on everything else

Got another point and click coming at you, watch your ass! Today it’s the fan made remake of Kings Quest 2: Romancing the Throne. Romancing the Throne came out in 1985, made by Sierra Entertainment who still owns the Kings Quest franchise, and it looked pretty much the same as the original Kings Quest game that came before it, Quest for the Crown which came out the year before.
Old and busted
When a updated re-release of Quest for the Crown fell flat on its face in terms of sales, no remake for Romancing the Throne was ever made by Sierra. So, in 2002 a fan remake of Romancing the Throne came out, called Romancing the Stones. Complete with new music, art, animation, puzzles, and a deeper plot! Basically the whole game was reworked from top to bottom.
New Hotness
The game has been updated multiple times since its original release, the latest being version 3.1 that came out in 2010, and according to the website where you can get Romancing the Stone, it has been downloaded over half a million times. That should be evidence enough that this isn’t something that was slapped together in a short afternoon, it’s a full game, and it has all the things that make point and click adventure games great (like having a thousand different ways to die). If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then go for it.
Was this made in MSPaint?
You can get Kings Quest: Romancing the Stones over here

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